ASAP NextGen V1 SP3更新版已發佈,請用戶下載後安裝(安裝前請先移除ASAP NextGen V1 或 SP1或SP2)。


User Interface
Added ability for File Manager plot subnodes to remain selected after click.
Now prompts to save any unsaved documents prior to exiting.

Optics Manager
Changed default file format for Optics Manager files to be XML. Optics Manager files now load much faster.
Updated Optics Manager input field text boxes to have drop-down for user defined variables.
Added recent file history drop-down for Optics Manager files.
CAD imported objects can now be considered or ignored.
Use variables within a POINTS2D Optics Manager window. Grid cell can use both standard typed numbers or variables from the drop-down.
Inclined, collimated GRID sources are now allowed in the Optics Manager.
Correctly calculates entity positions for BOUNDS (when using CAD import).

Color coding is now displayed in the Plot Viewer.
The persistent 3D viewer now has the ability to modify the position/rotation of Light Source objects.

Scripts can now be run in the Editor using the F5 key.

User Preferences
Added an Editor Preference: “Character Encoding” to allow user to select encoding used by Syntax Editor.

CAD Import
The IGES import dialog now clarifies the difference between the standard and conditioning importer.

Kernel now loads virtual.pgs files while in parallel mode.
EMITTING DATA performance significantly enhanced in parallel mode.
Kernel has only the root node perform WRITE and TEXTFILE commands while .in parallel mode.
Added a PIX option to the WRITE command. PIX should follow DIN to have all row pixels written to the same line.
Added a NODE option to the LIST command to list the rays on only one node.

ELTM (optional add-in)
J583 Fog Light Test has been updated in ELTM.