ASAP NextGen V1 SP4更新版已發佈,請用戶下載後安裝(安裝前請先移除ASAP NextGen V1 SP1或SP2或SP3版本)。

User Interface
Added Copy menu item to Console Output window context menu.

Optics Manager
Catalog Sources can now be loaded and saved in the Optics Manager.
Added ability to save SDX with Lenses Catalog information and recall correctly from the Optics Manager.
Added ability to shift/rotate Lenses Catalog assemblies in the Optics Manager.
Added ability to specify direction of collimated grid source and points for converging and diverging grid sources directly in command dialogs.

Workflow Manager
Updated Workflow Manager commands and help.

User Preferences
Added 3D Viewer Axis view options to preferences, 3D Viewer now remembers axis draw location and preferences for axis length and position.
Updated user interface to scale efficiently when updating OBJECTS.

Added ability for F5 key to find multiple forward instances.
Added ability to designate collapsible text files in the editor by opening and closing braces {}.

CAD Import
Updated IGES translator to handle 100000 OBJECTS.

Added ability to designate 3D Viewer rotation mouse button (middle or right).
3DViewer Preferences dialog now has combination box allowing either Middle or Right mouse button designation. If the Right mouse button is selected, then Middle mouse button will be used for context menu, and vice-versa.  Default is still Middle button.
Added ability to save PICTURE plot to image file.
Updated Tree view in 3D viewer to keep selected color, even when not selected.
Updated Plot Viewer tool tip to stay visible while shift key is pressed.

Updated RABET computational kernel to scale efficiently when updating OBJECTS.

Fixed problem in Plot Viewer where black background text is not presented properly.
Fixed problem when trying to use Lenses Catalog in Optics Manager.

  1. Fixed Bounding problem.
  2. Added ability to save SDX with Lens information and recall correctly.
  3. Added ability to shift/rotate catalog lens assemblies.

Fixed Optics Manager IGES problem where coatings command caused error.
Added ability to cancel out of modified INR file dialog when exiting ASAP. If a user modified an INR file in the editor and then proceeded to exit ASAP, then a dialog appears prompting the user to save the file with only a yes/no option.  Customers wanted the option to cancel the save dialog and return to ASAP processing.
Fixed MEMG error.
Fixed output error in STATS command when using parallel processors.
Fixed History command.
Fixed output error in STATS command when using parallel processors.
Catalog Managers
Fixed bounding problem for lenses created from the Lenses Catalog Manager in the Optics Manager.
Fixed the wavelength units discrepancy in the Coating Catalog manager. In the initialization for the new Coating Manager dialog, the wavelength units are blank units, which then later defaulted to Meters.  This has been changed to initialize with the value selected in the System Settings dialog for wavelength units. The user can change the default during an ASAP session to different wavelength units, but unless they also change it in System Settings, it will revert back to the System Settings value when ASAP is restarted.