version 15.84

The update to version 15.84 incorporates the following changes:


  1. The GSHEAR option has been added to the MOM dialog, so you can easily add those operands to your AANT file.
  2. New operands IHH and IZZ will target the tangent of the incident angle of the requested ray. This is for when you want the object rays telecentric.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. SPB crashed if you entered the SPECIAL input. Also, the stopsign button did not work.
  2. The ZSEARCH program left out one “END” line in the optimization MACro if you requested AGROUP. Also, if less than 10 solutions were found, there were duplicates shown on the plot.
  3. The ATC monitor did not work on cemented elements.
  4. AEI did not work correctly if switch 99 was on.
  5. GSEARCH did not work correctly in multicore mode.


  1. We have observed that if you turn on switch 99 (enabling multicore optimization, which is recommend for slow jobs but not for fast ones), and if the number of cores authorized (via C99) exceeds 16, the Windows operating system can become unstable. We are investigating the cause of this behavior, and until it is resolved, you are advised to stay within the 16-core limit for that feature.


version 15.85

The update to version 15.85 incorporates the following changes:


  1. The C99 optimization feature now limits the number of cores you can authorize to 16, to improve program stability.
  2. The default number of passes specified on the MMT menu (for matching testplates) has been increased to 30. It was easy to miss a good match if you used the previous default of 10.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. AEI ignored clicks on the stopsign button.
  2. The VMR program, which plots the MTF as a function of the wavefront variance, did not restore the starting lens after cycling through its programmed defocus settings.
  3. The BTOL option PREPARE MC did not create variables for zoom lenses except for the last zoom.


version 15.86

The update to version 15.86 incorporates the following changes:


  1. The RAS command (to recast an aspheric into a power-series) now accepts a fourth argument nterms, which limits the number of terms to be used.
  2. The DSEARCH command now accepts the input PSD { 2 / 3 }, which can help find different solutions.
  3. BTOL is not intended for systems with USS surfaces, and now prints a message saying you should recast those to Zernike surfaces first.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. PCAT did not work properly.
  2. BTOL did not work properly for BICONIC surfaces.
  3. A PYA target in ZSEARCH ignored the weight assigned in word four.
  4. Editing annotation in the graphics editor could crash if no size was selected.
  5. If you ran DSEARCH while thermal shadowing was in effect, the program would hang.
  6. Specifying the stop on the last surface in DSEARCH with AFOCAL turned on did not work.
  7. Varying a glass model with GLM on a surface that has a glass-table glass can fail.
  8. GSEARCH can hang if rays fail.