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OSD Synopsys Version 15.87~15.90版本更新

version 15.87 The update to version 15.87 incorporates the following changes: Features: Glass boundaries for GLM variables are now restored to the default when you change directories. A new system parameter is available. ILINE in the RLE or CHG file causes glass model variables to utilize a new set of index interpolation coefficients that are ...(閱讀更多)


ASAP NextGen 2020 V1版本更新

ASAP NextGen 2020 V1 更新版已發佈,請用戶下載後安裝(安裝前請先移除ASAP NextGen之前版本)。 重要更新項目如下,詳細下載資訊或相關問題請與我們聯繫。   COATING TABLE command The COATING TABLE command reads a table of reflectance and transmittance values, which may then be assigned to an object. The table is read from a text file that is supplied by users in the ASAP working directory. The text file includes values of ...(閱讀更多)


OSD Synopsys Version 15.84~15.86版本更新

version 15.84 The update to version 15.84 incorporates the following changes: Features: The GSHEAR option has been added to the MOM dialog, so you can easily add those operands to your AANT file. New operands IHH and IZZ will target the tangent of the incident angle of the requested ray. This is for when you ...(閱讀更多)


OSD Synopsys Version 15.80~15.83版本更新

version 15.80 The update to version 15.80 incorporates the following changes: Features: The keystroke to undo a recent lens change now reverts to the last WorkSheet Update version of the lens.  Before, it updated only when you exited WS. The Image Tools Menu (MIT) now has the option to show an image trace either normalized ...(閱讀更多)


OSD Synopsys Version 15.76~15.79版本更新

version 15.76 The update to version 15.76 incorporates the following changes: Features: The logic of the PAD scan (which shows the ray curves as the field is scanned from the axis to the edge) has been modified.  Previously, the program worked but suffered from the tendency of Windows to deactivate the view after a pause ...(閱讀更多)


OSD Synopsys Version 15.71~15.75版本更新

Version 15.71 The update to version 15.71 incorporates the following changes: Features:  The Zemax conversion program ZMC has been modified.  Some zmx files come in with a conic constant of zero, but SYNOPSYS treats any surface with a declared CC to be aspheric, which affects many other features, such as graphics rendering.  Now it checks, ...(閱讀更多)


OSD Synopsys Version 15.63~15.66版本更新

Version 15.66 The update to version 15.66 incorporates the following changes: Features:  The new version of object OBD has been revised.  The pupil from a real stop is rotated with skew field, and the new OBD will now follow that same rule, to make things simpler to understand.  ACON PICKUPS ... now transfers all ZFILE ...(閱讀更多)