UOTek Co., Ltd. inherited the world optical solution provider, BRO and OSD in U.S. and opsira in Germany. We provide the best optical analysis software, the professional optical measurement equipment, the complete optical training and technical support. We help companies to be invested in various fields of technology and the development of precision optical components and systems, make it in the shortest time to complete the production and make profit.

UOTek Technical Support
With the increasingly wide range of optical design simulation application, many optoelectronics industry related products such as: projectors, digital cameras, LCD panel, backlight module, LED illumination, autolighting and optical components ….. How to respond to the global competition, has become a major issue in design and manufacturers. UOTek team, organize various optical training courses by experienced professional lecturer takes you into a new field of optical design and measurement, through hands-on way to establish optical design measurement logic concept, allowing you to experience the charm of optical distinctive.

UOTek Partner

Breault Research Organization opsira GmbH Optical Systems Design, LLC.
FEA-Opt Technology Yi-Jin Photonics Co. , Ltd. CAE-SO Technology