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BRO Releases ASAP 2014 V1

2014-09-11 15:12:31

ASAP 2014 V1 New Feature Highlights

New feature highlights in the ASAP 2014 V1 release include Object Limits Increases, Enhanced Chromaticity Analysis, Enhanced ELTM Functionality, Improved Raytrace Speeds for Imported Geometry, Light Source Manager, Enhanced Volume Scatter Modeling and Improved REMOTE Configuration.


1.   Object Limits Increased in ASAP 2014 V1

ASAP 2014 V1 now supports up to 100,000 objects for systems such as automotive lighting or LCD backlighting that may require a larger number of individual surfaces for accurate raytracing and analysis.  This represents a 4x increase over prior versions of ASAP.


2.   Enhanced Chromaticity Analysis in ASAP 2014 V1

ASAP 2014 V1 has enhanced chromaticity analysis for calculating CIE 1960 u v and 1976 u’ v’ color appearance models and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT).  New CIE commands include CIELAB, CIELUV, and CIEUVW for calculation of CIE 1976 L*a*b*, L*u*v* and CIE 1964 U*V*W* uniform color spaces and color difference maps.


3.   Enhanced ELTM Functionality in ASAP 2014 V1

The Exterior Lighting Test Module (ELTM) in ASAP 2014 V1 includes updates to many of the available FVMSS and ECE standards.  In accordance with changes to a number of these standards, ELTM can now reference other points to calculate min/max criteria for a given point where the point value requirements may change dynamically based on their absolute values.


4.   Improved Raytrace Speeds for Imported Geometry in ASAP 2014 V1

ASAP 2014 V1 has improved raytrace speeds for many types of imported geometry.  During CAD import, ASAP will attempt to replace generic parametric surfaces with exact planar or conic surfaces when possible.  This is especially useful since in many cases the native CAD program uses IGES representations of surfaces in its underlying mathematical description.


5.   Light Source Manager in ASAP 2014 V1

ASAP 2014 V1 has a new look Light Source Manager following the APEX style guide.  Both easier to navigate and to find particular sources, this new look library also provides more information about each source than before.  This is one of many changes being implemented for a cleaner and easier to use ASAP interface.


6.   Enhanced Volume Scatter Modeling in ASAP 2014 V1

ASAP 2014 V1 has enhanced volume scatter modeling capability.  The MEDIA USER option has been updated to allow definition of a volume phase function using a tabulated set of data.  This is implemented in the USERSCAT subroutine in the USERPROG.dll.  More information on this enhancement can be found under “User-Defined Routines".


7.   Improved REMOTE Configuration in ASAP 2014 V1

Implementation of machine configuration for REMOTE distributed processing has been greatly simplified in ASAP 2014 V1.  A new REMOTE batch file will automatically configure firewall and security settings on available networked machines, saving time and effort for users and IT managers.