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BRO Releases ASAP 2015 V1

2015-08-21 10:09:46

ASAP 2015 V1 New Feature Highlights
New feature highlights in the ASAP 2015 V1 release include a Software Keys Only Registration Process, Automatic Raytracing of Surfaces in Contact, A New Editor, Enhancements to the Microstructure Feature, Support for CATIA R24, And Other Program Improvements

• No Hardware Key Required in ASAP 2015 V1 - ASAP 2015 V1 and future versions will no longer require a USB dongle.
  With this release, ASAP now uses Software Keys-only registration to install or upgrade and run the software. There are
  several benefits to this change including an easier and more stable installation and usage environment, and network
  administrators can now more easily manage all single-user and network-licensed copies of ASAP. And users can still
  transfer a license to another work-related or personal computer to run ASAP simulations at their convenience.

• Contact Media in ASAP 2015 V1 - ASAP 2015 V1 can now quickly and easily trace rays for parts having coincident
  surfaces. Such surfaces are automatically detected within ASAP native geometry or from imported CAD geometry,
  and optical properties are correctly assigned. This feature works for lenses, beamsplitters, and more complex optical
  assemblies for illumination or other applications where coincident surfaces may be prevalent in the design.

• Enhanced Microstructure in ASAP 2015 V1 - The Microstructure feature in ASAP 2015 V1 has been enhanced to
  correctly handle a wider variety of optical properties including absorption for applications such as light extraction at
  LED surfaces and coupling efficiency in patterned solar cells.

ASAP 2015 V1 is a transitional release that will be followed by major enhancements and upgrades to the ASAP User Interface and raytracing kernel in 2015 and 2016. BRO will make additional announcements on these changes for our existing customers in the very near future. For more information please contact your local BRO representative.