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BRO Releases ReflectorCAD 2015 V1

2015-12-03 11:06:24


BRO is pleased to announce that the ReflectorCAD® 2015 V1 release is now available to users with current Software Maintenance Agreements. ReflectorCAD 2015 V1 is a paradigm-shifting reflector design tool allowing users to make graphical adjustments to the luminous intensity patterns corresponding to individual reflector segments. The program does the rest.


Despite your current Maintenance Plan being “technical support only,” we’ve developed an upgrade to the software to meet ever changing technology. Those changes include an update to ReflectorCAD to work on a Windows 7 Operating System, and an upgrade to a software keys-only registration process (no more USB dongle required). In addition to these important updates we have added numerous new sources to the Source Library to better reflect those sources we have in our other Products.


ReflectorCAD 2015 V1 and related Release Notes are now available at the BRO Web site. See the "Software Download" section below for a link to the release download page on


As just announced, ReflectorCAD no longer requires a USB hardware dongle and now uses software authorization keys only for program installation and registration. The ReflectorCAD 2015 V1 release will self-install with temporary software keys. Your current USB hardware dongle will not be recognized by ReflectorCAD 2015 V1 nor affect program installation or operation. When you have successfully installed ReflectorCAD 2015 V1, please return your hardware key to your local Representative. Once the USB dongles are confirmed as returned by your local Representative, BRO will issue new permanent software keys for registration of your ReflectorCAD 2015 V1 license.