Phosphor Modeling

BRO's Phosphor Converted LED (PC-LED) Packaging Tutorial gives participants the knowledge and skills they need to use ASAP in the modeling and analysis of PC-LED systems.

Course Overview

The purpose of BRO's new PC-LED Packaging Tutorial is to demonstrate how to perform simulations of PC-LEDs at a system level using geometry modeling, volume scattering, fluorescence, and color analysis. Emphasis is placed on the following topics: optical simulation of phosphor encapsulants using volumetric scattering models (Mie and Henyey Greenstein), optical simulation of LED chips, modeling fluorescence of phosphor encapsulants (using VOXELS), and color analyses relevant to solid-state lighting applications such as calculation of Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) and Color Rendering Index (CRI). Participants balance theory with hands-on experience by applying each lesson in a series of practice sessions.


  • Completion of BRO's Introductory ASAP Tutorial or equivalent knowledge and experience
  • Ability to build and view elementary systems with surface and edge-based entities
  • Ability to define and trace rays from various sources, and perform power, irradiance, and intensity calculations
  • Ability to comfortably write and run command scripts and macros in example exercises
  • Basic knowledge of volume scattering, fluorescence, LED chips, and color analysis
  • Familiarity with other physical principles encountered in typical PC-LED packaging engineering

Course Outline

This tutorial is divided into the following sections:

Introduction to Phosphor Modeling

  • Solid-State Lighting (SSL) and PC-WLED
  • Introduction to PC-WLED packaging
  • Chip, phosphor, lens, and dome geometry
  • Performance metrics

Optical Modeling and Simulation

  • Optical modeling of phosphors
  • Volume-Mie scatter model
  • Henyey-Greenstein scatter model
  • Spatially inhomogeneous scatter model
  • Modeling of photoluminescence with ASAP
  • Optical modeling of LED chip

Color Analysis

  • Light and human vision
  • Color assessment of white LED
  • Color Correlated Temperature (CCT)
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI)
  • CIE calculation in ASAP

Putting It All Together

  • Complete PC-LED simulation
  • An example with multiple fluorescent wavelengths

* If you are unsure that you meet these requirements, please speak with the instructor prior to enrolling in the class.

This Advanced Tutorial is a three-day course limited to 16 participants.