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uku is the integrating spheres series of opsira.
uku series integrating spheres enable the fast and easy setup for measurements of the radiant power, the luminous flux and the energy efficiency class of luminaires and light sources as well as the reflection, the diffuse reflection and transmission of materials.

The idea is simple, exact and flexible. The uku series concept is based on planar surfaces allowing to adjust any type of detector, light source and material sample easily and without port adapters in a highly flexible way to the integrating sphere ports.

A wide variety of accessories is available for the most flexible use possible.

opsira offers different Ulbricht sphere sizes:
- integrating sphere uku120
- integrating sphere uku315
- integrating sphere uku240
- integrating sphere uku500
- integrating sphere uku800
- integrating sphere uku1000
- integrating sphere uku1600

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The spectroradiometer system spr‘3 enables a speedy and easy measurement of spectral distributions and the respective illuminance and irradiance. The evaluation and processing of all current colorimetric parameters is simple by means of the appendant software tool spec’3. Depending on the application, the user can choose a variety of spectral regions. Normally, the spr’3 is used within the visible spectral region of 360 nm to 830 nm, also within UV for the measurement of UV-irradiance.

The measurement system consists of an array-spectrometer measuring with high wavelength resolution and with electromechanical shutter and filter wheel function. Therefore, adjustments to weighting functions or measurement areas are possible whenever required. The spectrometer is complemented by a top-quality photometer of high measurement dynamic. Again, depending on the application, detectors for the visible region (VIS), the near infrared area (NIR) as well as UV detectors are available.
The system provides an excellent linearity over several orders of magnitude. Additionally, the measurement values are corrected in respect of temperature in order to eliminate the influence of the ambient temperature on the measuring accuracy almost completely. The spr’3 can be connected to a USB interface directly and does not need any external analysis units.

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In addition to luminance measurements, our luca’color system measures the spatially resolved color distribution; however, it captures the spatially resolved planar image in one shot and not in a selective way like a standard-colorimeter.

The system includes an integrated filter wheel with ten filter positions that allows a direct measurement of color values according to CIE. Chromaticity coordinates and color difference values are delivered directly by user-specified evaluation labels. Additional multiple weighting functions are possible due to the ten total filter positions.


luca'lux is opsira’s soft-and hardware extension that enables the system to measure illuminance and luminous intensity distributions rapidly and with high resolution. In one shot luca'lux measures the spatially resolved surface reflection or transmission. The measured illuminance distribution is converted into a luminous intensity distribution considering the measurement geometry.

Predefined evaluation masks adjust the measurement result to the respective standards and test  specifications in a faction of a second. Due to its comprehensive evaluations within a short measuring time, the system is highly qualified for fast development verification and notably for production control of photometric data.

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The spectral measurement system spec'3 allows a speedy measurement of spectral distributions from UV to NIR. The respective weighting functions enable a direct edition of UV parameters as e.g. MED. Within the visible spectral region the colorimetric values are displayed directly according to CIE. A continuous live mode display is possible whereby timely changes can easily be observed or adjustments facilitated sensibly. In the evaluation software colour tolerance areas can be defined to carry out quick tests with respect to the test specifications. The colour rendering values according to CIE are updated permanently in the live mode. The colour rendering diagram gives an overview of all values from R1 to R14 in a fast and easy way.

For a sensible evaluation of the measuring values, the chromaticity coordinates ΔC to the Planck’s curve as well as the corresponding correlated colour temperature are delivered as well. By means of the automated adjustment of the integration time and of the integrated automatic shutter for the dark correction, the system is being stabilized in an ideal working position and thus assures a complete usage of the digitalization depth. Measurements of emission, reflection or transmission characteristics round off the capacity spectrum of the measurement system. Furthermore, the operation of several spectrometers simultaneously with the same or even different wavelength bands is possible. By means of the TCP/IP add-on spec’remote the integration of the spectrometer into any test environment can be realized.

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With the photometer frc'3 you can measure light in a simple, precise and absolute way. Designed for the use in harsh surroundings and equipped with high-precision measurement technique, the photometer frc’3 is able to be used easily in laboratories as well as in production lines or during outside service tasks. The photometer frc‘3 measures light sources and radiation sources from UV to IR very quickly and efficiently.

The photometer sensor of the frc'3 series can be equipped with a filter changer allowing a radiometrical and a photometrical weighting in one device. Broadband radiometrical filters as well as V(λ) filters or others are possible, up to 5 filter positions are available.

The photometer system frc‘3 comes with powerful software supporting the data acquisition and processing. Measurement data can be processed statistically and edited arbitrarily by reporter. Printing a test report out of the frc software is easily possible.
The frc'3 sensor can also be used in a production line by using the TCP/IP interface of the frc software to start or stop measurements, to process measurement data and to control the optional filter changer.

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