Wave Optics

BRO's Wave Optics Tutorial gives participants the knowledge and skills they need to perform wave optics analysis with ASAP, BRO's Advanced Systems Analysis Program. The class covers propagating fields in ASAP as well as polarization analysis. Participants balance theory with hands-on experience by applying each lesson in a series of practice sessions.

Course Overview

The course covers source construction methods and the ASAP approach to coherent ray tracing. Participants will learn how to correctly sample objects during ray tracing, how to propagate fields past edges and through apertures, when and how to decompose the current field into a new set of beams, and how to recognize and correct field propagation problems. Proper coherent flux calculations as well as trouble-shooting procedures will also be presented.


  • Completion of BRO's Introductory ASAP Tutorial or equivalent knowledge and experience
  • Ability to comfortably write and run command scripts and macros
  • Basic knowledge of physical optics

Course Outline

  • Gaussian beam fundamentals
  • The concept behind the ASAP coherent field propagation
  • ASAP coherent commands and their use
  • How to establish and verify coherent sources in ASAP
  • How to propagate coherent fields through optical structures
  • How to calculate the amplitude and phase of coherent fields
  • Correct sampling techniques during source construction, propagation, and field calculations
  • Calculation of impulse response and optical transfer functions
  • Determining the amounts of field clipping and its effects on the field
  • How to input arbitrary fields
  • How to couple fields into fibers and wave guides
  • How to handle spatial and temporal coherence
  • How to detect and correct problems
  • Coherent radiometry
  • Hands on modeling of imaging systems, diode lasers, interferometers, gratings, etalons, and more
  • Modeling polarization components
  • Creating polarized sources
  • Polarization ray tracing
  • Polarized flux calculations

* If you are unsure that you meet these requirements, please speak with the instructor prior to enrolling in the class.

This Advanced Tutorial is a three-day course limited to 16 participants.