BRO’s Ghost Analysis in Imaging Systems Tutorial gives participants the knowledge and skills necessary to perform analysis of imaging systems using ASAP, BRO’s Advanced Systems Analysis Program. Participants balance theory with hands-on experience by applying each lesson in a series of practice sessions.

Course Overview
This course covers methods for identifying sources of ghost reflections and other forms of stray light that occur in imaging systems, such as cell phone cameras and projection systems. Information on attributes of imaging systems, such as stops and pupils, are discussed. A detailed study of locating in- and out- of field sources of unwanted light is performed. This includes in-depth coverage of ASAP commands and the creation of templates for analysis which can be used by students when they return to work.


  • Completion of BRO’s Introductory ASAP Tutorial or equivalent knowledge and experience
  • Ability to build and view elementary systems with surface and edge-based entities
  • Ability to define and trace rays from various sources, and perform power, irradiance, and intensity calculations
  • Ability to comfortably write and run command scripts and macros
  • Experience in the use of the CONSIDER and SELECT commands in ASAP to isolate objects and rays

Course Outline

  • Introduction to the concepts, techniques and philosophies of stray light analysis
  • The importance, use and locations of stops and pupils
  • Configuring the ASAP model for stray light analysis
  • Configuring source models for stray light analysis
  • ASAP commands to analyze ghost images
  • Methods and procedures for ghost analysis
  • Techniques for reducing or eliminating ghosts
  • Comprehensive exercise

*If you are unsure that you meet these requirements, please speak with the instructor prior to enrolling in the class.
This Advanced Tutorial is a three-day course limited to 16 participants.