A new release (V16.020 and UI+ V2.020) is available. 

Upon completion of the installation of the current installer, you will find two applications in your SYNOPSYS™ folder and two shortcuts on your desktop.  You can choose which one to use based on your own preference

The Classic Edition (V16.020) provides you access to the powerful and long trusted SYNOPSYS™ Lens Design Software.  In the Ui-Plus Edition (V2.020), we integrate all the features of the Classic Edition and wrap around it with an enhanced, streamlined, and workflow-oriented User Interface with the goals to allow new users to kickstart their designs with ease.

Paid customers with a valid support contract will now access this download via our newly implemented Customer Portal:

  • If you are a paid customer, please navigate hereto register or log in.
  • If you are a paid customer having problems with the portal, or if you need assistance, contact us at office@osdoptics.comand a team member will be with you shortly.

New Features for UI-Plus Edition only:

  • New Chart for RMS over-field analysis in the Image Analysis Menu.
  • New Chart with SPROFILE command:  When you run the SPROFILE command, a 3D false color surface profile and a 2D contour plot will be created.  Also, the resolution is increased to 31757 data points on a square grid over the aperture (201 data point on a diameter).  See User Manual 5.1.1 Surface Profile (SPROFILE) for an example.    
  • New Chart SAG map:  SAG analysis in the MAP Menu will create a 3D false color surface profile and a 2D contour plot.
  • Auxiliary file location:  SNOPSYS™ create a set of auxiliary files when it is running.  In the UP version, we have moved these auxiliary files from the USER or other selected working directory to the Application folder (C:\SYNOPSYS).  This change is to avoid the occasional crashes reported by customers with their working directory set up as network folder on a machine different from the application machine:  SYNOPSYS™ would crash if it cannot timely access the auxiliary files stored on the network folder due to network jittery.
  • Light yellow is replaced by a darker yellow in the MTF charts for better visibility.
  • Object, Stop, Pupil Dialog will automatically create a vertical scroll bar for easier navigation of the dialog on screen setting with lower resolution (for example, 1366*768).
  • Now you can use the Optimization GUI in the ‘Optimization+Design Search’ Menu to easily create aberration controls and then paste the command line to your optimization macro script.
  • We remove the circle around the surface number in the SketchPad for better viewing on 4K monitors.

Bugs Fixed for both Classic and UI-Plus Editions:

  • The ILLUM aberration type caused the program to calculate a subsequent YC aberration incorrectly.
  • Running DWG on a lens with hyperhemispherical surfaces would crash the program if there was no PAD window open.(which has some features that are then needed).  Now it will display a warning message instead.
  • The ELD drawing program did not show edges properly for some shapes.
  • SPROFILE had a problem if you ran SPB
  • A problem showed up with object type OBD.

New Application Notes:

We have posted some new notes in the Application Notes section of the Knowledge Base at our website on different topics such as how to locate virtual image plane and how to correct gullwing surfaces.