ASAP NextGen 2022 V1更新版已發佈(也稱為ASAP SAGUARO 版本),請用戶下載後安裝,更新版連結與下載資訊請與我們聯繫,安裝前須先移除ASAP NextGen之前版本。


ASAP SAGUARO reflects BRO’s continued support and investment in their software division. Release highlights include:

  • COATING TABLE command reads a table of real complex reflectance and transmittance values which may then be assigned to an object. The table is read from a text file supported by users in the ASAP working directory. It includes values of reflectance and transmittance for both s and p polarization at a series of incident angles and for one or more wavelengths.
  • PLOT POLAR:ASAP now plots polarization ellipses for all rays on all processors. Previous releases only plot ellipses for the root process.
  • MULTI-CORE PROCESSING remediated processing halts/slowing on multicore workstation-class system during long duration traces.
  • CPC COMMAND: a new edge, CPC allows construction of a compound parabolic concentrator or ideal trough concentrator from a single edge. After the edge is defined, a SWEEP AXIS or SWEEP DIR command are used create the object. Unlike constructions that use the AXICONIC surface, the CPC edge is easy to use, self-bounding, and renders and exports without difficult
  • EXTREMES COMMAND now works with multi-core processing. EXTREMES now examines all selected rays within all processor nodes to output the global minima and maxima. The ray number and processor node associated with each output minimum and maximum are now printed.
  • PATH COMMAND now collects and tabulates ray data from all processors to produce a complete path table. The SELECT may now reference the entries on the path table to turn rays on or off on all processors.
  • INTERPOLATE COMMAND now works with multi-core processing.
  • LIGHT SOURCE LIBRARY Additions – Lumileds, Cree, Seoul Semiconductor. Please refer to release notes for related models.