A new release (V16.021 and UI+ V2.021) is available.

Upon completion of the installation of the current installer, you will find two applications in your SYNOPSYS™ folder and two shortcuts on your desktop. You can choose which one to use based on your own preference.

The Classic Edition (V16.020) provides you access to the powerful and long trusted SYNOPSYS™ Lens Design Software. In the Ui-Plus Edition (V2.020), we integrate all the features of the Classic Edition and wrap around it with an enhanced, streamlined, and workflow-oriented User Interface with the goals to allow new users to kickstart their designs with ease.

Paid customers with a valid support contract will now access this download via our newly implemented Customer Portal:

  • If you are a paid customer, please navigate here to register or log in.
  • If you are a paid customer having problems with the portal, or if you need assistance, contact us at office@osdoptics.comand a team member will be with you shortly.

New Features for UI-Plus Edition only:

  • New Charts for the Aberrations analysis in the Image Analysis Menu.
  • Enhanced Tilt and Decenter Editor in the SYNOPSYS™ Spreadsheet.  Now you can easily define GLOBAL, LOCAL, and MIRROR tilt with this Editor for your off-axis system designs.  See the section ‘Tilt/Decenter Editor’ in the ‘Manual for User Interface Plus’ (Manual for User Interface Plus > Surface Data Editors > Tilt/Decenter Editor).  You can also find an example in the Application note,′Locating virtual image plane′, at our website.
  • Enhanced Zemax Export and Import features.  For example, we added a feature to export SYNOPSYS™ tilt and decenters to Zemax format.  See the sections ′Export to Zemax and CODE V; and′Import from Zemax′ in the Inter-Operability Chapter of the User ′Manual for User Interface Plus′.  (Manual for User Interface Plus > Inter-Operability)

Bugs Fixed for both Classic and UI-Plus Editions:

  • Incorrect YMT solve with USS 13
  • Incorrect rendering of TRANS plot
  • Incorrect rendering of Distortion curve in GSS
  • Incorrect rendering of SOLID HRAYS plot when switch 88 is ON

New Application Notes:

We have posted some new notes in the Application Notes section of the Knowledge Base at our website on different topics such as

Click this link to learn more about the Ui-Plus Edition:


Click this link for a new video from Don on Free Form Build, a powerful platform to build off-axis freeform mirror systems: