A new release (UI+ V2.103 and V16.103) is available.

Upon completion of the installation of the current installer, you will find two applications in your SYNOPSYS™ folder and two shortcuts on your desktop. You can choose which one to use based on your own preference.

The Classic Edition (V16.103) provides you access to the powerful and long trusted SYNOPSYS™ Lens Design Software. In the Ui-Plus Edition (V2.103), we integrate all the features of the Classic Edition and wrap around it with an enhanced, streamlined, and workflow-oriented User Interface with the goals to allow new users to kickstart their designs with ease.

Paid customers with a valid support contract will now access this download via our User Portal.

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UI-Plus Edition (Version 2.103)
New Features and Enhancement : 
1. Available ACONs (multi-configurations) is increased from 6 to 12.
2. Wavelength dialog is updated for easier setting of primary, long, and short wavelengths.
3. New Charts for the ‘Over Spectrum’ and “Over Zoom” PSF in the PSF menu of Image Analysis.
4. Multi-configuration set up file (SSU1.dat) created by SSU or SPL is now stored in the working directory selected by the users (it was in the application folder). This allows the users to track the configurations easier if they are working with multiple working directories for different projects. (Note: This is a feature included in the last release published in November, 2023, but we forgot to announce it to the last release email. We are adding it here as a reminder.)

Bugs Fixed:
1.Change directory command, CHD, was not working correctly.
2.The ninth coefficient entry for the Zernike surface, COE(9), was not processed correctly.

Classic Edition (Version 16.103)
Bug Fixed:
1.The ninth coefficient entry for the Zernike surface, COE(9), was not processed correctly.