ASAP 2023 V1 SP1 版本更新

ASAP 2023 V1 SP1更新版已發佈,更新連結資訊請與我們聯繫,安裝前須先移除ASAP之前版本。

This release addresses IGES / STEP file import issues and new default settings for the Zemax translator.

IGES / STEP File Import
The original offering of ASAP 2023 V1, on import of either IGES or STEP files, experienced Conditional Translator Functionality failure due to the inclusion of incompatible runtime libraries during the product build process.
ASAP 2023 V1 SP1 now imports both IGES and STEP files using either the Standard or Conditioning Translators without issue.

Default Zemax Translator
In addition, ASAP 2023 V1 SP1 no longer defaults to the Legacy Zemax translator for new users. The new default Zemax translator functionality takes advantage of current runtime environments. This results in faster and more stable execution.