ASAP 2023 V1 SP3更新版已發佈,更新連結資訊請與我們聯繫,安裝前須先移除ASAP之前版本。

ASAP InfrastructureToolset Modernization/Development Process
ASAP 2023 V1 SP3 is compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 integrated with the Intel oneAPI HPC toolset.

This toolset upgrade enables compilation of BreaultSWD software products resulting in greater operational compatibility and efficiency with Microsoft Windows 10/11 operating systems.

The BreaultSWD development process has been refined to rapidly address customer inquiries and issues by adopting the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) methodology. In doing so, BreaultSWD is firmly committed to more frequent releases with less impact between major releases.

ASAP Renovation
Windows 11 Pro Editions Support
ASAP 2023 V1 SP3 upgrades previous licensing runtime environments to Sentinel 9.12 to provide licensing support for Windows 11 Pro Editions. The Start menu Sentinel Admin Control Center (SACC) shortcut now points to the Sentinel Version 9.12 SACC.

Zemax Translator
With greater operational compatibility, ASAP 2023 V1 SP3 executable and libraries take advantage of current runtime environments resulting in faster and more stable execution. Of note, the Zemax translation import functionality, which ran with issues in previous releases, now provides proper imports of native Zemax files.

ASAP Features — Light Source Libraries
BreaultSWD remains committed to the tradition of consistently providing current industry Light Source models into every new release. ASAP 2023 V1 SP3 incorporates into the Light Source Library.